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Finance Videos

Capital Asset Pricing Model In this video I explain the Capital Asset Pricing Model and formula.  I show you how to graph the Security Market Line and how to calculate an Expected or Required Rate of Return of a Stock using the CAPM equation…order/download here

Valuation of a Company In this video I explain how you can calculate the shareholder value of a company, also known as net worth. I explain and use an example to take you through a two-stage dividend discount approach…order/download here

TVM 1:  Intro to Time Value of Money In this video I introduce you to the concept and calculations of time value of money.  I will start with a single cash flow and then multiple cash flows…order/download here

TVM 2:  Annuities & Perpetuities In this video I explain to you how to calculate the net present value of an annuity and the net present value of a perpetuity using formulas…order/download here

Investment Net Present Value Example In this video I will show you a typical example of calculating the net present value of an investment’s stream of cash flows. In this example the investment is in a new piece of equipment that provides operational savings…order/download here

Weighted Average Cost of Capital This video explains the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) in detail, including what it is, how it is used and how it is calculated…order/download here

Statistics Videos

Basic Probability In this video I will teach you some of the most basic, most important concepts in Statistics to do with Probability.  I will use a simple, common problem of rolling a fair six sided die, to introduce you the multiplication…order/download here

Basic Probability Test & Solutions Here I give you a free test of 9 long questions to help you understand probabilities. This test works well with the lessons taught in Basic Probability and gives challenges along the way as well. I also provide 13 pages of detailed solutions for a nominal $2 fee…order/download here